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December 5, 2012

Quilt Market Fall 2012 - Take 2

As promised - Quilt Market Fall 2012 - Take 2...
So many fabulous projects and so many fabulous people to thank.  Where to start....

How about pillows...  I need to first thank Darcy from (who also happens to be based right here in Atlanta) for making all the solid fabric pillows (and drawstring bags - which I will get to a little further down)... She is an absolute life-saver!!
The top pillow, the Cathedral Window below was made by Tiffany with our Bella collection - You can find more of these fabulous pillows as well as much more on Tiffany's Etsy shop - warmnfuzzies.
The next 2 pillows - the zig-zag pattern with from Blomma and the fan pattern made with Anna Griffin's Chinoiserie collection were done by Amy from

Next up... Bags!!  We had so many & are so happy with how they are turned.  Huge thank yous go to all the fabulous designers who created them for us, our fabrics and for our booth!

Mother & daughter dynamic duo Clara & Jennie from Clover & Violet created the bags for us above using their 3 of their fabulous patterns.  From left to right... The Madeline Bag featuring Animal Parade, the Libby Bag featuring Bella and the Claire Bag featuring Global Bazaar.

When searching for the best projects to show-off our fabrics & make for market - Etsy is my best friend!!  I found some of the most talented people willing to help...  Kathi from Sisung-Callura Designs is one of them.  She has so many wonderful bags in her Etsy shop... You definitely need to check it out!!  Here are a few of her designs...  The duffel bag and tote (on the left ) featuring Bugs and the beach tote featuring Blomma.

Last, but certainly not least are 2 bags made from 2 wonderful people - The drawstring bag (which was 1 of 3 that she made) featuring Anna Griffin's Chinoiserie collection is done by Darcy from  The second pattern & bag was created by Lynn from the Handmaiden's Cottage (Lynn also did those fabulous Tea Party dresses for us) featuring Timber & Leaf.

And finally the softies... Everyone always loves the softies and who could blame them especially after seeing these...  
The plush foxes featuring Timber & Leaf were created and made by April from I Sew Lucky - Her Etsy shop carries fabulous plush animals & dolls as well as this same characters as book ends.
Hans, Greta, and Ruthie Bear not too mention the adorable fruit pin cushions (featuring Bugs, Hope Chest, Gabbie and Anna Griffin's Juliet collections) are all the fabulous creation of Kim from Retro-mama.   This is our second market featuring Kim and her softies...  She has been a great partner to us and I really look forward to working with her more in the future!!

The next 2 softies and their creator were a fabulous find for us.  Jill from the Etsy shop Love Jill contacted us about making a skirt & the next thing she knows she is making Piper & Sprouts (the giraffe & elephant & yes that was plural) and the bug softies (plus a fabulous snake that is not pictured).  You can find the Piper & Sprout patterns in her Etsy shop plus so much more...
Last and certainly not least were the ring stacker's.  Amy from the Etsy shop Pattern Play is another market veteran - last time she made us the wonderful ornaments from out Tinsel collection and this time not only did she design the ring stacker's, but some wonderful soft blocks.  The soft ring stacker's were a huge hit especially featuring 2 of our children's collections - Little Monkey (above) and Animal Parade (not pictured).

There were so many other wonderful projects & I could go on forever...  I do want to everyone again for all their help!!  If anyone is looking for a specific project from this blog or our other market post just drop us a line & we would be thrilled to get you in touch with the designer.  Cheers!!
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