calypso by maude asbury

December 20, 2011

Hello from Sarah Watts

Hello Blend Blog Readers!  I want to take a second to introduce myself... I am Sarah Watts.  I am an illustrator, a surface designer and a fabric designer for Blend.  I live in Atlanta with my husband Scott and our dog Buffy...who loves to wear sweaters (the dog, not my husband)!  I have a BFA from Ringling College of Art and Design, majoring in Illustration.  I have worked on all sorts of things: children's apparel, stationery, kids' books and gig posters.  Currently I am illustrating a young adult book for Simon & Schuster, designing a new collection for Blend and working on some kids' clothing.  My favorite things are live music, the smell of burning wood and thrift junking.  I also love coffee and enjoy a good craft beer!  Below I attached a few images of my work...  You can find me and see more of my work on my website or my blog, or you can find me on Twitter.


I am the designer of Feather N Stitch (you can find it here)!  It was so awesome to see my collection by Blend at Quilt Market this past October!  It was actually the beginning of a CRAZY two weeks for me... One of those times when all sorts of plans collide together by accident / happenstance.  I went to Quilt Market first, then I went to Las Vegas where Scott and I got married... After being together for nine years, we finally did it!  He wore a cowboy costume and I wore a saloon girl outfit since it was Halloween.  After Vegas, Scott and I went home to visit family, which was nice and relaxing. Then, since I am a trustee of my college, they had me come down to a meeting, where I did a presentation about my career to the Illustration Dept... But wait, the fun did not stop there.  We went to Costa Rica for our honeymoon... It was absolutely magical!  We saw iguanas and sloths and all sorts of creatures.  What a whirlwind two weeks, with the Blend launch being the kick-off!  Sheesh!  Now I am back in my bat cave cranking out work... and my next fabric collection... Cushion & Dust.... Stay Tuned...

So back to Quilt Market...The whole time there, my head was exploding!  Not only did I get to see my fabric collection launch for the first time with Blend, but I also got to meet so many awesome people.  I was also so excited to meet all the other gals that designed for Blend... They are so cool!  The samples from our fabric that Blend pulled together were awesome...I especially liked the pillow.
I had no idea how big the fabric industry is and how many great people are in it to share the interest.  I also had a blast with Jules Davis  and Jessica Swift (two other Blend designers based here in Atlanta) acting silly and causing ruckus in Houston...Did I mention that I technically spent my bachelorette party with the Blend bunch?

Here I am geeking out over my collection, Feather N Stitch.  Those quilts in the booth were very comfortable!

Here are us ladies...Jessica Swift is on the left and Jules Davis on the right.

Recently I had a booth at ICE, a craft show in Atlanta and the neatest thing happened...  A girl buying one of my prints realized that she just bought my fabric collection online.  It was so cool to meet someone that had already purchased it.  A real person.  Haha!!

For my last ramble...I wanted to share with you a few things that I made out of my collection, Feather N Stitch.  My sewing process is a bit hodgepodge...I like the raw edge look and I like to just dive in and not really exactly measure anything sort of like how I approach my artwork.  The spontaneity is the fun part.  My friend, Diana, sent me this awesome demo and I thought it would be really cool to make my own out of my fabric... It's a lamp!   How crazy is that?  I also made a fish animal...that is probably not the first thing someone would think of to make from Feather N Stitch, but I figured since birds eat fish...  I hope you enjoy!  One day I would love to make little "how to's" out of these projects I do.  I will keep you posted on that.
Here's the link to the Fabric Critter Lamp demo...
And of course the stuffed fish...Haha!!

I hope you enjoyed my post.  Check out my website and blog, and keep an eye out for my next collection with Blend in 2012.  Have a great holiday and thanks a ton to the Blend bunch for making all this happen!!
~Sarah Watts :D:D
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December 14, 2011

The Launch of Blend Fabrics - Quilt Market Fall 2011 - Houston, TX

Not only did we launch Blend Fabrics, the licensing division of Anna Griffin, but we also debuted our first 10 fabric collections (check them all out on our website). It was a very exciting weekend for all of us here at Blend and Anna Griffin. We had a fantastic show and received a fabulous response to all our collections!

Here is the front of our beautiful booth that we shared with Anna Griffin
It took a lot of time, work and effort, but was well worth it! We even won
2nd place for Best Multiple Booth!!! Check out the red ribbon!!!
And here is the award! Yeah!!!  

We kicked off the weekend with the launch party for Blend on Friday evening. The champagne was flowing and the appetizers were delicious! We were thrilled by everyone who was there to wish us well, including all of our fantastic artists!
Here is Anna with one of our artists, Jessica Swift, giving a fabulous speech and 
champagne toast.
And here they are...The world's best and most creative artists!!
From left to right...Sarah Watts (or should I say Cormack - she ran off to Vegas after the show and got married!), Sharon Kropp, Charlotte Lyons, Jules Davis, Jessica Swift and Jone Hallmark (absent from the picture is Maude Asbury).

One of the BIG questions at Quilt Market...Who is Maude Asbury???  Can you guess??
Stay tuned to find out just who Maude Asbury really is!

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December 9, 2011

Greetings from Blend

Hi everyone and welcome to our blog! Blend Fabrics - the licensing division of Anna Griffin Inc. - officially launched in October 2011 at International Quilt Market, where we were thrilled to introduce our first 10 fabulous fabric collections! Below are just a few of our exciting new lines that are shipping now!

Calypso by Maude Asbury is an eclectic mix of bold graphics and geometric designs. The perfectly coordinated color combinations and the thrilling variety of patterns - from florals to pinwheels to stripes and ovals - are playful, contemporary and lots of fun!
With fanciful fairies, whimsy florals, butterflies and paisleys, Believe by Jone Hallmark is filled with all things feminine. Delicate lines, painterly ginghams, soft colors and even the ABC's combine perfectly to create this whimsical fairytale collection.  
Spice up your sewing with Kitchy Kitchen by Maude Asbury, a fabulously fun fabric collection with a retro twist. Produce infused patterns, kitchen utensils, lemon and lime wedges and bold geometrics create a recipe for sewing success.
Songbirds singing, cheerful birds chirping and lovebirds flirting make this conversational fabric collection something worth chattering about! Feather N Stitch by Sarah Watts is a celebration of marriage between novel prints and fresh color palettes.
Brontosaurus, triceratops, stegosaurus and tyrannosaurus rex dance happily among leaves, dots, stripes and playful geometrics to create this fresh and fun children's collection. Babysaurus by Sharon Kropp boasts bold primary colors, soft pastels and storytelling designs.
Be inspired by the organic elements of nature with Garden of Delights by Jules Davis. This collection features delicate butterflies and hummingbirds, buzzing bees, along with garden tools, flower petals, leaves and winding vines to transform the simplicity of nature into a dynamic celebration of prints, patterns and color!

Aren't these the most fantastic fabrics you've ever seen? Stay tuned...There is so much more!! We can't wait to recap our trip to Quilt Market in Houston and then begin introducing you to some of our beloved artists!

Want to see even more? Check out and tell us which collection is your favorite!!
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