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December 10, 2012

Handcrafts & Handmade Projects with Tilly

Blend artist Charlotte Lyons is our collector.  She keeps coasters, trinkets, old fabric and then she weaves a fabric story that instantly transports you.  The Tilly collection is no exception.  From the Posy Gingham fabric that looks like it cam right off an antique kitchen table to the Tilly Alphabet which looks so much like the buttons and zigzag stitches and squares are added to the fabric instead of being part of the fabric.
And finished projects using Tilly are instant handmade keepsakes.  Blogger Amy Friend from During Quiet Time played with the fabric and created a charming pincushion and bag.  What could be more fun than storing you handcrafting supplies in a bag that looks like it was handcrafted!

And here are beautiful creations form Charlotte Lyons!!
To celebrate handcrafts and handmade projects, the Anna Griffin blog is giving away a fat quarter bundle of Tilly.  To qualify post a comment to this blog by 9:00 p.m. EST, Dec.12 and share your fondest crafting memory.  Bonus points for cross-stitching and handcrafts!!  
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