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December 10, 2012

Handcrafts & Handmade Projects with Tilly

Blend artist Charlotte Lyons is our collector.  She keeps coasters, trinkets, old fabric and then she weaves a fabric story that instantly transports you.  The Tilly collection is no exception.  From the Posy Gingham fabric that looks like it cam right off an antique kitchen table to the Tilly Alphabet which looks so much like the buttons and zigzag stitches and squares are added to the fabric instead of being part of the fabric.
And finished projects using Tilly are instant handmade keepsakes.  Blogger Amy Friend from During Quiet Time played with the fabric and created a charming pincushion and bag.  What could be more fun than storing you handcrafting supplies in a bag that looks like it was handcrafted!

And here are beautiful creations form Charlotte Lyons!!
To celebrate handcrafts and handmade projects, the Anna Griffin blog is giving away a fat quarter bundle of Tilly.  To qualify post a comment to this blog by 9:00 p.m. EST, Dec.12 and share your fondest crafting memory.  Bonus points for cross-stitching and handcrafts!!  
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December 5, 2012

Quilt Market Fall 2012 - Take 2

As promised - Quilt Market Fall 2012 - Take 2...
So many fabulous projects and so many fabulous people to thank.  Where to start....

How about pillows...  I need to first thank Darcy from (who also happens to be based right here in Atlanta) for making all the solid fabric pillows (and drawstring bags - which I will get to a little further down)... She is an absolute life-saver!!
The top pillow, the Cathedral Window below was made by Tiffany with our Bella collection - You can find more of these fabulous pillows as well as much more on Tiffany's Etsy shop - warmnfuzzies.
The next 2 pillows - the zig-zag pattern with from Blomma and the fan pattern made with Anna Griffin's Chinoiserie collection were done by Amy from

Next up... Bags!!  We had so many & are so happy with how they are turned.  Huge thank yous go to all the fabulous designers who created them for us, our fabrics and for our booth!

Mother & daughter dynamic duo Clara & Jennie from Clover & Violet created the bags for us above using their 3 of their fabulous patterns.  From left to right... The Madeline Bag featuring Animal Parade, the Libby Bag featuring Bella and the Claire Bag featuring Global Bazaar.

When searching for the best projects to show-off our fabrics & make for market - Etsy is my best friend!!  I found some of the most talented people willing to help...  Kathi from Sisung-Callura Designs is one of them.  She has so many wonderful bags in her Etsy shop... You definitely need to check it out!!  Here are a few of her designs...  The duffel bag and tote (on the left ) featuring Bugs and the beach tote featuring Blomma.

Last, but certainly not least are 2 bags made from 2 wonderful people - The drawstring bag (which was 1 of 3 that she made) featuring Anna Griffin's Chinoiserie collection is done by Darcy from  The second pattern & bag was created by Lynn from the Handmaiden's Cottage (Lynn also did those fabulous Tea Party dresses for us) featuring Timber & Leaf.

And finally the softies... Everyone always loves the softies and who could blame them especially after seeing these...  
The plush foxes featuring Timber & Leaf were created and made by April from I Sew Lucky - Her Etsy shop carries fabulous plush animals & dolls as well as this same characters as book ends.
Hans, Greta, and Ruthie Bear not too mention the adorable fruit pin cushions (featuring Bugs, Hope Chest, Gabbie and Anna Griffin's Juliet collections) are all the fabulous creation of Kim from Retro-mama.   This is our second market featuring Kim and her softies...  She has been a great partner to us and I really look forward to working with her more in the future!!

The next 2 softies and their creator were a fabulous find for us.  Jill from the Etsy shop Love Jill contacted us about making a skirt & the next thing she knows she is making Piper & Sprouts (the giraffe & elephant & yes that was plural) and the bug softies (plus a fabulous snake that is not pictured).  You can find the Piper & Sprout patterns in her Etsy shop plus so much more...
Last and certainly not least were the ring stacker's.  Amy from the Etsy shop Pattern Play is another market veteran - last time she made us the wonderful ornaments from out Tinsel collection and this time not only did she design the ring stacker's, but some wonderful soft blocks.  The soft ring stacker's were a huge hit especially featuring 2 of our children's collections - Little Monkey (above) and Animal Parade (not pictured).

There were so many other wonderful projects & I could go on forever...  I do want to everyone again for all their help!!  If anyone is looking for a specific project from this blog or our other market post just drop us a line & we would be thrilled to get you in touch with the designer.  Cheers!!
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November 26, 2012

Quilt Market Fall 2012

Fall Quilt Market was this past October in Houston... Between Blend and Anna Griffin, we introduced 11 new collections with over 100 fabric options.  Seems like we spend months and months preparing and it is over like that!  Dozens of quilts and projects were designed and made and displayed in our booth and I wanted to share some pictures as well as the fabulous people who helped along the way...

Here is our booth!!  It looked beautiful with the ivory and white walls and carpet that really helped set-off all the collections.  We had 2 quilts for every collections (one is the free project that can be downloaded from our websites), 2 tables full of fabulous projects and 6 dress forms showing off some beautiful little girl's dresses.
What did I tell you... months and months of preparation!!  Now let's get back to those dresses...
People oohhh'ed and aahhh'ed over them - They were a huge hit and I need to give credit where credit is due...

These beautiful dresses were designed &/or made by some very talented ladies...

-Top left dress - Made by Amy (from a Simplicity Pattern) from During Quiet Time blog featuring Hope Chest from Josephine Kimberling.

-Middle Fairytale Handkerchief Dress - Pattern designed and dress made by Jen from Tie Dye Diva Patterns featuring Anna Griffin's Olivia collection.

-Top right Pillowcase Dress - Pattern designed and dress made by Melinda Little Lizard King featuring Anna Griffin's Chinoiserie collection.

2 more dresses...

Left Square Neck Dress - Pattern designed and dress made by Jen from Tie Dye Diva Patterns featuring Global Bazaar from Josephine Kimberling.

Right Tea Party Dress - Pattern designed and dress made by Lynn Jefferies from the Handmaiden's Cottage featuring Maude Asbury's Gabbie Collection.

And last, but certainly not least is the Ruffle Dress - Pattern designed and dress made by Melinda from Little Lizard King featuring Global Bazaar by Josephine Kimberling.

Get you patterns today at:

And check out all these collections (coming soon) and many more at:

Oh - And Blend is now selling fabric by the yard!!!
Go to - products - quilt fabrics and buy some today!!

Besides these fabulous dresses we had so many other wonderful projects to showcase our fabric... From bags to softies to pillows - a little something for everyone!!  Here is a sneak peek at the projects... Stay tuned for my next post and find where you can get yours...  Cheers!

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August 29, 2012

Designer Josephine Kimberling

Hi Everyone!  I'm Josephine Kimberling, one of the designers thrilled to be working with Blend Fabrics, stopping by to let you know a bit about myself as well as my new fabric collection Hope Chest.

I am a licensing artist who specializes in creating surface patterns and design solutions for a variety of companies.  About a year and a half ago I left the corporate world of 12 years to work for myself.  I grew up in Stockton, CA and moved to Seattle, WA to attend the Art Institute of Seattle where I earned a degree in Graphic Design and Illustration.

In addition to fabric, my artwork can be found on a growing list of products such as stationery, life organization, magnets, rubber stamps and even cake decorations!  I'm still coming down off of all the work that follows Surtex, and have some exciting, but still secret, things to come down the pike.

You can find me on my website, blog, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Flickr and Linked In.

When creating my Hope Chest collection, the novels of Jane Austin and the beauties surrounding 19th-century England inspired me.  I consider myself one of the lucky girls since my husband enjoys watching movies like Pride and Prejudice and other British drama's with me.  We seem to watch so many and each time I see them, the colors, the textures and the collective types of fabric designs really strike me.  With Hope Chest, my aim was to create a fabric collection that captures my love of this period and that combines a modern and handcrafted take on a romantic sensibility.  Uniting the hopeless romantic with a dash of modern style and delicious color.
I just wrapped up my Hope Chest photo shoot a few weeks ago, received the pictures and am thrilled to share some of them with you today.  You can see more of them on my website, Facebook and Flickr.  If you are interested in knowing which sewing pattern I used, please swing by the inspiration page on my website for details.

With my background in fashion as a textile designer, my focus for my everyday fabric collections is to create a line of prints that women can see themselves wearing.  While I'm pulling everything together to make my vision a reality in my photo shoots, I focus on using sewing patterns that are relevant to the fashions going on now, and strive to mix my prints in a way that would inspire the wearer to feel very put together and pretty.

Like many artists, art and drawing have been a lifelong thread throughout my life.  Believe or not, I started out drawing realistically with pencil - things such as people, landscapes and horses.  However, my first job was working as a Textile Designer for Nordstrom and something just clicked.  It was where my style, aesthetic and cumulative art knowledge truly started to develop a life of it's own.  I also stopped drawing in shades of grey and my love for creating unique color combinations took over and flourished.
Now that I'm working for myself, I feel like each day is full of things I love to do - like it's just an extension of me so it doesn't really feel like work at all.  I absolutely love it!  So, when I'm not 'working' I enjoy spending time watching Downtown Abbey on rerun or Pixar and Disney flicks, visiting Barnes and Noble for a few hours to stock up on magazines while drinking a chai tea latte, shopping for the latest fashions to update my closet or my home and exercising such as running, hiking, weightlifting and Pilate's.  My husband is my absolute best friend who I'm lucky loves everything I've listed above, except for the shopping bit and choice of drink.  We've been married for 11 years this year and time sure flies when you are having fun!

Working with Blend has been an absolute wonderful experience {Thanks Anna, Joe and Kate for absolutely everything!}  I also attended my first Quilt Market this year with Blend, which was absolutely awesome!  It was so fun to experience Quilt Market and to meet so many people.

I can't wait to share with you my next collection, which offers something completely different than Hope Chest.  Think vibrant and global... and shipping in January 2013!
Global Bazaar by Josephine Kimberling

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August 3, 2012

Blend Fabrics features...

Elephant & owl softies, diaper bags, fun quilt patterns and some free projects...  These are just a few of the fabulous projects made with Blend's fabrics.  I have been so lucky to meet and work with these wonderful people who are so talented and I wanted to share them with you!!

Kim is the designer & owner of Retromama, an outline boutique & Etsy shop of the most fabulous PDF patterns.  She designs these wonderful softies among other things and was kind enough to use some of our fabrics on her projects.  First off, her latest & greatest pattern cover "Doxie Softies - Milo & Moxie" features Blend's Spring Promise line by Ana Davis.  Also featured is Magic Garden on the elephant softies Tilly & Tommy, our Tinsel Christmas collection on Ruthie Bear, Molokai on the owl softies Stella & Stewart and Magic Garden (again - it is just that great) on bunny softie Betsy or is that Basil??
Check out Kim's online boutique -
Etsy shop -
Oh and don't forget to check out her blog to see what's happening in the world of a Retromama.
Thanks Kim for everything - Can't wait to see what softie is next!!!!!

Next up the amazing bags from Clover & Violet...
Clara and Jennie are a mother-daughter duo who make up Clover & Violet.  A fantastic online site that carries PDF sewing patterns of anything your heart could desire of...  From diaper bags and handbags to clutches and travel bags, Clara & Jennie have it covered!  I was lucky enough to find them online & get a chance to work with them.  Check out their latest patterns (featuring Blend Fabrics on their covers) The Stella Bag, a diaper bag that has the room of a traditional bag, but not the look and The Charlotte Bag, a purse that has a lot of style for it's small size!  
Go to to shop their patterns, check out their free tutorials or just read their blog.  Thanks to both Clara & Jennie & I look forward to working with them again real soon!!

This past Quilt Market in May, I meet so many great designers who do such amazing things with fabric. Carrie from Such Designs is one of these fabulous designers!  I was so excited to talk with her & brainstorm some ideas for a few of our collections and she was excited to get her hands on our Crabtastic collection by Maude Asbury.   Check out her Wonky Little Houses Quilt Pattern using Crabtastic...

What a perfect pattern to show-off all the fun details from this collection.  Lobsters, newsprint, utensils and condiments - everything you need plus the perfect pattern to make your own seaside picnic blanket.
I really look forward to seeing what else Carrie can do with some of our latest collections.
Check out her website to see all her wonderful patterns and don't forget to read her blog.  Where else would you see a perfectly good quilt thrown in a pool...  Thanks Carrie for sharing!!

Lastly & I hope you all know this already, but we have some wonderful quilt patterns free to download on our website.  From tropical fish to kid's hopscotch, from an array of geos to Christmas trees - There is something for everyone!!  Go to and click on the "projects" link to find the next quilt you will make.  Oh & don't forget to go to "where to buy" to find where you can purchase Blend Fabrics near you!  Here are a couple of our fun free projects available to download from one of our fabulous quilt designers, Mary Kay Davis for Threads on the Floor...
American Dream featuring Vintage Summer by Little Yellow Bicycle - a perfect summertime blanket for picnics and parties or for cheering on your favorite team at the Olympics - Go Team USA (see the little American flag blocks).
Kai - A fabulously fun quilt pattern of tropical fish featuring Molokai from Jessica Swift.   Hawaiian-inspired florals and foliage and amusing icons, Molokai is a an explosion of bold color.

Find these patterns and many more on our website... and don't forget to keep checking back with us to see our new collections and quilt patterns or just to see what is going on with our designers and the world of Blend.  Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest!!  Cheers!!!

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