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May 2, 2012

Spring Promise designer Ana Davis

Hi Everyone!  My name is Ana Davis and I am an artist, creative director, illustrator, and pattern designer.  I began knitting, crocheting, and sewing when I was 6.
This photo was taken around the time I began to sew.

I studied various forms of art through-out lower, middle, and high school and I have always been obsessed with color.

I often dream about color, and have for as long as I can remember.  In one dream from my childhood I entered a room where there was a wall full of tiny, white drawers.  As I opened the drawers, I found that each one was filled with intricate objects of single color.  I opened every single drawer just for the surprise and pleasure of seeing the color they contained.

My love of color and creation led me to a fine art major in college.  I spent  years in printmaking, painting, and drawing studios.   I still love to draw and a favorite summer pastime of mine is sketching the flowers in our garden.

While working toward my undergraduate degree, I also studied three dimensional art.  In keeping with my preoccupation with pattern design and sewing, I managed to cast patterns in bronze and sew pillows and quilts for my sculpture class.  In the midst of the conceptual art movement, sewing was very much out of step.  But since then, the disciplines I have so loved since my childhood have been embraced with renewed respect.

These days it seems everywhere I look there is a groundswell of excitement for the ingenuity, craftsmanship, and utter beauty of quilts and crafts.  It is a thrill to be involved with these movements & an honor to have my fabric patterns available to the incredible artists and designers who might use them.
My first fabric collection for Blend Fabrics is Spring Promise (which is now shipping!)... I tried to bring together the beauty of traditional motifs with the energy of contemporary color and the whimsy of modern geometrics.


I really hope you like my designs and I cannot wait for the pleasure and surprise of seeing the intricate objects they become.  Happy creating everyone!!

One more thing... Check out for my latest collection shipping in August 2012... Animal Parade!

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  1. I love your recent collection Ana! It is gorgeous!

  2. I just purchased this collection in layer cake form from a seller on Etsy. It is a gift for my mother on Mother's Day and I know she will create something beautiful with it! I wanted her to know more about the artist and found your blog via Google. I'm going to print this to give her with her gift. :)