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March 28, 2012

Hello from Cori Dantini

Hi Everyone!  My name is Cori Dantini and I am stopping by Blend's blog to share a bit about myself.

Firstly... I would love to dress like my paper ladies and explore the world in their skirts, with sassy princess hair and fancy boots to stomp through puddles.  But in truth... typically you will find me among bottles of paint, glue & ink with bits of wordy paper clinging to the bottom of my slippers.
I live in a town called Pullman in Eastern Washington, which is nestled in the rolling wheat fields of the Palouse.  In fact this is my home town, the one where I went to high school (and then college), the one where my mom lives...
The place where I first picked up a paint brush!  I suppose you could say this is the place where it all started (I have never thought about it like that until this moment, but it is true)!  I graduated from WSU in 1993 (I think) with a BFA in painting and a minor in printmaking.  From graduating 'til now... I have done a lot of different things but mostly I have opened doors and walked in the room.

Door 1 - Sign Painter
Door 2 - Clip Art Designer (Yes... I sold my soul)
Door 3 - Greeting Card Designer
Door 4 - Commercial Illustrator
Door 5 - Etsy
Door 6 - Art/Craft Fair Vendor
Door 7 - Licensing... This has been the most exciting doors and it has led me to one of the best doors... Blend Fabrics!!!!  Which then led to my very first fabric collection - Beauty is You.

The past 2 years have been a bit of a whirlwind (a tornado might describe it better).  I have been working on loads of different things from Beauty is You (my fabric line here at Blend Fabrics) to a gift line which you will be seeing out on the shelves later this year.  I have also finished my first 12 month calender (2013) with Amber Lotus, my first full line of greeting cards CALYPSO, day planners, journals and a small 7inch calender with Orange Circle Studio.  Oh... Plus I run my Etsy shop (where I sell limited edition archival prints), and last but by no  means least, I do a series of art/craft shows every year.  Needless to say this has kept me busy!  Check out some of my prints..
At the moment I am getting ready for my first two shows of the season, but trying to fit in a series of new paintings.  So... Off I go to the studio, to get organized, and if I am lucky pick up a pint brush.
Don't forget to check out my new fabric line, Beauty is You by Blend Fabrics  - Now Shipping!
Represented by Sheila Meehan, Meehan Design Group, 503-281-4881
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  1. Just gorgeous. Congratulations, Cori.

  2. I just bought your fabric range today in a little country town in Australia. I have never been soooo excited about fabric! I'm going to make my(soon to be) 12 yr old daughter a quilt for her upcoming birthday. Thanks- you are erytalented and have made me so happy- i'velooked for the right look for a while and today I found it. Xxx