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February 13, 2012

Hello from Jules Davis.

Hello... I am Jules Davis, designer of the Garden of Delights Collection for Blend Fabrics.

I am a designer, art director, illustrator and founder of Brand Bird, a full-service visual communications company specializing in brand development.  I've been in business for longer than I care to divulge in a numeric fashion - Let's just say a lengthy stretch!  I've done all manners of design from branding to licensing style guides (including Barbie and the Powerpuff Girls) to making props for film and TV.
While living in L.A., I worked on the first Shrek style guide and got to see the film in animated form from DreamWorks before it was finished.  I moved to Atlanta to be an art director in consumer products with Cartoon Network.  That made me a rock-star to my niece, who got the royal tour and loads of free PPG S.W.A.G.

Surface design for retail results in lasting objects that people can interact with and enjoy... That makes it a bit more meaningful - and let's face it - I am a shameless consumer!  My design is informed by my love of travel (been to 14 countries and 45 states thus far) and fashion (I also have a degree in fashion illustration).  I love the mid-century modern minimalist aesthetic and I believe the best education comes from motion and change.    
Random facts:  I zen out over jigsaw puzzles (super nerdy) and I get crazy-excited interacting with wild animals.  If you have ever been licked by a giraffe... You get it!  

Blend is my first exciting foray into fabric.  Developing a full collection was a bit of an education.  The Fall Quilt Market in Houston was great  fun and an honor to be exhibiting along the likes of Amy Butler and Ty Pennington (who FYI, is super-delicious in person) as well as the other fabulous Blend designers.  I was thrilled for my collection to be one of the first out of the gate for the Blend evolution into stationery and gifts.

You can find more of my work on products for modern-twist, iPop, Lamp-in-a-box and Alluminare.  You can also find me at, twitter, and flickr.

I am currently working on my next fabric collection and look forward to being a part of Blend as they bloom and grow.                                                    
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